2014 Christmas Giveaway


During this season of gratefulness and giving, we would be remiss if we didn’t thank those of you who have joined with us on our mission to strengthen male relationships. In October, we talked about extending a personal invitation to a friend that you’d like to partner with on this mission. I mentioned using a fountain pen to author that invitation, as it conveys intentionality to use a slower, more bespoke method of communication.

We’ve decided to give away a couple of goodies from The Goulet Pen Company to a reader of Mannerd this Christmas so that they can try their hand at this method of writing. We would love to send something to all of you, but that’s just not feasible with our budget. So, we’ve decided to handle this giveaway raffle-style. To enter your name in the drawing, just us on Facebook and comment on this post telling us about the most memorable Christmas gift you’ve received. We will be accepting entries until 11:59PM on Friday Dec. 12th, 2014. (If you’ve already liked us on Facebook, you’ll just need to comment on the post.) Now, what will you be entering to win?

Congratulations to Mady!!! She’s our winner!

This giveaway is closed to new entries.

In our exploration of the world of fountain pens, inks, and related products, we have come to rely on Goulet Pens. They have supplied us with the items we wanted, and at great prices (the shipping rates are quite reasonable as well). But the most attractive aspect of Goulet Pens is the astonishing attention to detail, and level of expertise, shown in their product review/demonstration videos. If you have any questions about one of the products they sell, it is most likely answered in one of their videos.

We have found the Pilot Metropolitan to be an amazing “entry-level” fountain pen. It’s affordable, but doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest. It comes highly recommended, even from distinguished pen connoisseurs. The included refillable converter allows you to use any ink you’d like. So, feel free to pick your ink based on your mood, your recipient, or whatever else you want. The folks over at Goulet Pens will gladly walk you through everything you’ll need to know about it (video).

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen

The Metropolitan comes with a cartridge of black ink, so you can use it without having to buy a bottle of ink. However, we want you to enjoy something more than the basics. To accomplish that, we are also including Goulet’s Best-Selling Ink Sampler so you can try something other than basic black.

Goulet Pens Best Selling Inks

We will announce the winner on Monday December 15th, 2014. And we will then do everything in our power to get your goodies to you for Christmas. Thanks so much for reading Mannerd, and good luck!

Disclaimer: You don’t have to Like us on Facebook to be entered in the drawing, but we do need to know you want to be considered. If you’d like to enter the drawing without Liking us, just comment on this post telling us about the most memorable Christmas gift you’ve received, and we’ll throw your name in the hat just the same.

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4 thoughts on “2014 Christmas Giveaway

  1. I’ll start, even though I’m not allowed to win the giveaway. The most memorable gift I’ve received was probably the Jeep Cherokee my parents gave me the year I graduated high school. It was sneakily done, by putting the key in the front pocket of a shirt I was given, so I didn’t find it until I tried the shirt on at my mother’s behest. They had parked it behind a neighbor’s house so I wouldn’t see it. I remember driving my family around the neighborhood showing it off, especially my grandfather. He wanted to see all the options (that it didn’t have), as well as hear all the engine facts and figures. The interest he showed in my “new” vehicle made me feel like one of the adults.

  2. A couple years ago my little sister framed a T-shirt for me. It was one of my little league baseball uniforms. It was one of the more thoughtful gifts I’d ever recieved, not just for Christmas, but in general.

  3. When I was a teenager, 13 or 14, I got a jean jacket for Christmas. It was my “big gift” that year. There was nothing special about the jacket. I’m pretty sure it was bought at Goodwill, as were most of the other gifts given that day. The take that Christmas day was incredibly lean. You probably wouldn’t know it looking in from the outside, but our family was struggling financially, but there was something special about that particular holiday season; something that set it apart from all the previous Christmases. I still don’t know what it was, but despite the short gift giving session and the chilly house (to save using the furnace too much), that jean jacket was one of the warmest gifts I have ever received. The family was happy and healthy and together, and no adverse life circumstances would prevent the joy we had that day.

  4. When I was in middle school, my youth group was going on a ski trip. I wanted to go, but my parents told me that it was too close to Christmas and they couldn’t afford it that year. On Christmas morning, my gifts were things like a little action figure that was a guy on skis, ski gloves, coveralls, etc. My mom looked at me and asked, “Do you get it?” I didn’t (I’ve never been very quick first thing in the morning). But when she explained that I was going on the trip, I was thrilled.

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