An Introduction

Two friends meet in a small pub. It’s the kind of place that could easily have a wooden sign hanging over the door, creaking in the wind. Far too much time passes between their meetings, and they realize their relationship is weakened because of the busyness that has crept into their lives. As the pints are nursed, they discuss the happenings in each of their lives: the successes, the failures, the unspeakable deeds. Close friends, such as these, can share their highest moments, their deepest depressions, and their darkest desires without fear of punishment or abandonment. This is because it is not a confession of wrongs to an arbiter of Justice and Judgement, but rather a revealing of weaknesses and wounds to a physician of Healing and Sympathy.

This is an illustration of the male friendship that seems to have gone missing in our present culture. Men hide behind how many heavy things they can pick up, how well “their” team is doing this season, or how well they can keep up with the latest trends in technology/finance/realty. Men hide because we are afraid we are alone. Read that again. We HIDE because we are afraid we are ALONE. This is insanity. This is illogical. But, this is real and it is devastating to all of our relationships.

Mannerd aims to inspire the close male friendships that all men desperately need. The benefit of realizing we aren’t alone is huge. When we feel alone, it is far too easy to sink deeper and deeper into our own darkness, because we have no light shining in from an outside source. A close friend is like sunlight flooding into the dank, dark, musty cellar that you have called home for so long. Initially, your eyes hurt and you recoil from the brightness. But, as you become accustomed to the brightness, you begin to embrace the warmth and the sunlight begins to dry up the dampness.

We want to address ways that men can revive this intimacy through both conversational and activity based interactions. We also plan to address how the relationships we cultivate with one another can affect others we encounter on a daily basis.

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